Leadership Resource Portals

Leadership Resource Portals

The Leadership Resource Portals are a one-stop shop for elected leaders of the D.C. Bar Sections Steering Committee and Sections volunteers. Find the resources and information you need to plan, collaborate on, and conduct Sections programming. Many of the portals require a login. If you have questions, contact the Sections Office at sections@dcbar.org or call 202-626-3463.

Leadership Portal
Get up-to-date resources for all your leadership needs as an elected member of the D.C. Bar Sections Steering Committee.

Finance Portal
The Finance Portal provides important forms and information for elected leaders of the D.C. Bar Sections Steering Committee.

Events Portal
Section volunteer program organizers have an opportunity to plan programs that enhance their legal specialties. Get the latest tools, forms, and guidelines to help you organize a successful event.

Programs Committee Portal
Programs Committee members can visit this portal to read the latest committee documents. All information from meetings throughout the year will be archived by date. 

Public Statements Portal
Notified about a proposed public statement for your section? This portal allows section members to review proposed statements and any related underlying  documents.

Speaker Portal
The Speaker Portal provides important deadlines, event logistics, and tips for speakers in a Sections program.