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Law Practice Management Annual Report 2013-14


The Law Practice Management (LPM) Section has focused on providing programming and services that directly assist D.C. Bar members in enhancing their practices and business. We have also actively partnered with resources at the D.C. Bar, other D.C. Bar sections, and the voluntary bar to publicize the many excellent and needed services and programs available to D.C. Bar members as part of their membership. Finally, we are currently making a big push with the March 29th roll-out of the LPM Listserv email list.

Providing all these programs and bringing all these services to our members has presented particular challenges this year for our section, because several steering committee members resigned mid-year and several others were not able to participate fully due to personal issues. In addition, we recently learned that Jeffrey Berger, the longstanding and distinguished moderator for our annual Legends of the Bar program who has put in countless hours each year to make the program a success, will not be able to moderate the program this year. And then, of course, there was the weather. Despite these obstacles, we have been able to put together a full complement of successful programs – and continue to work diligently to make this year’s Legends of the Bar program another success  and we are working on the new Listserv email list.

Submitted by:
Elaine Fitch, Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch
Arden Levy, Miller Friel
LPM Section Co-chairs
April 2, 2014
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Recent Programs

Sharpen your SPEAKability - Increase Your Impact: Jan Fox of Fox Talks
Four–time Emmy winner Jan Fox’s dynamic, interactive, action–packed "Speak Tweaks" program takes you to powerful and compelling without a major overhaul. You will learn "Micro Actions" that "MAXimize your Effectiveness". Learn one physical move that makes your newfound confidence almost palpable. Discover your personal power points—not on the screen—on your body! Cure the "uhms", "errrs", and "ahhs"—your sure message blockers—once and for all. Find out what to do with your hands—those dreaded hangers. Where should your eyes really look? Angelina Jolie will show you, sort of, and you won’t forget it. How do you work the room or do you work it at all? You’ll see what you need to do to connect with your audience. Place yourself on Jan’s "Comfortability Continuum" and learn how to move to exhilaration. Learn how to stop "Stall Language" that keeps your clients from hearing your close. Walk out with five practice plans you can do anywhere—even in your car.

Date: 10/23/13
Jan Fox of Fox Talks
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The Best Person to Sell your Services is You
Most lawyers think they don't have enough time to develop new business. When they do make time, they often don't know best practices for engaging with prospective clients. This unique program combined the expertise of Anne Collier, a nonpracticing lawyer and business development expert, and Andy Rudin, an experienced selling skills trainer and successful business developer for professional services firms. This program provided participants with strategies and tactics for building their business. They learned the right questions to ask and how to determine whether a sales activity is worth the time and will yield the right results. In addition, it taught how to create a plan to guide you through the specific actions necessary to create a valuable name for yourself and build your business.

Date: 2/25/14
Anne E. Collier, MPP, JD, PCC, Arudia
Andy Rudin, Outside Technologies, Inc.
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Employee Management for the Busy Attorney: Putting Together and Motivating a Superstar Team
Talmar will discuss the importance of organizational structure to hiring and reassignment strategies, regardless of the size of your firm, including:

  • How to make sure everyone is "speaking" the same language.
  • Learn the process for finding the "right" person for the "right" position.
  • Find out the ABSOLUTE best ways to ensure your team is successful.

Talmar also will address the procedures, metrics and documentation required to build the strong foundation necessary to grow, value or sell your practice group or firm. Her ability to convey complicated subjects in a boiled down applicable manner has helped owners move from the "deer in the headlights" feeling to powerful and successful owners and managers.

Date: 3/26/14
Talmar Anderson, Founder and Owner of Talmar It Up
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Upcoming Events

Lean In, Lean Out: Managing a Successful Legal Career in Your Own Way
In the wake of the discussion about women attorneys' career progression, this panel will be discussing the professional and family choices that many women face mid-career, just as they are working towards leadership positions. We have brought together a group of mid-career attorneys and a career counselor to discuss the decisions that these women made to find balance in their family lives while continuing to pursue their professional goals.

The panelists have taken different paths to success - in law firms, government, and in the corporate workplace; they have done so while making very different choices about how to find balance in their lives. Those decisions include: taking unpaid maternity leave, leaving the workplace for several years, outsourcing household tasks, working alternative schedules (and making partner while on an alternative schedule), telecommuting, and becoming their own rainmakers.

Date: 4/1/14
Maria Colsey Heard, Partner, Dickstein Shapiro LLP
Alisa Key, VP and Associate GC, Rosetta Stone
Karen McSweeney, Federal Government
Sabrina A. Nelson, Assistant Director, George Washington University Law School Career Center
Elisa Rosen, Special Counsel, Cooley LLP
Christina Guerola Sarchio, Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Arden Levy, Of Counsel, Miller Friel, PLLC (Moderator)
Sonia Murphy, Attorney-Advisor to Chairman, USITC (Moderator)
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Client and Business Etiquette: Distinguishing Yourself from the Competition
We've all heard the expression―a first impression is a lasting impression," well, it's still true and carries even more weight in these competitive times. Anything you can do to distinguish yourself will add to a prospect's or client's perception of you. From handshakes and mingling to appropriately working a room, participants will learn the importance of proper etiquette with clients and in business situations. The key to good etiquette is making the client or business associate feel comfortable and welcome in your presence. During this program you will learn how to create an environment that expands your client and business relationships.

Date: 4/10/14
Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, National Director of Professional Development, Foley & Lardner LLP
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Alternative Career Paths for Contract Attorneys
This round-table program will feature 'real world' panelists who have successfully transitioned out of the Contract Attorney field and into successful new careers. The panelists will share their personal stories and provide advice on how lawyers can expand their job searches and horizons to find a rewarding new career. One of the panelists has assisted attorneys in transitioning from the document review field into other career arenas, and she will offer practical recommendations for accomplishing this. In addition, there will be a discussion about career and industry trends.

Date: 4/17/14
Jason A. Grant, Partner at the DGO Law Group, PLCC
Lisa B. Horowitz, JD, MSOD, Founder and Principal Advisor, Attorney Talent Strategy Group
Stenise Rolle Sanders, Director of Graduate Legal Aid at the University of Maryland College Park
Sonya N. Armfield Esq., Principal, Armfield Law Firm (Moderator)
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50 Hot Technology Tips
This program will cover:

  • The latest in law office communications, connectivity, and portability
  • Websites that can really help with legal and factual research, and practice information
  • Practicing safe computing, including e-mail security and confidentiality
  • Simple desktop tips and strategies to power your practice
  • What is available (and good) for calendaring, billing, accounting, and financial reporting
  • Anything else worthwhile about law office technology we could cram into 75 minutes!

Date: 5/8/14
Rochelle Washington, D.C. Bar Practice Management Advisory Service
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Legends of the Bar
The Legends of the Bar program was created in 2003 by Jeffrey Berger. "Legends" talk about law practice, business development, public service, and living fulfilled lives as lawyers. The luncheon provides a rare opportunity for attendees to learn about lives well spent in the law from highly respected practitioners at the top of their game.

Date: 6/12/14
Legend: Kenneth Feinberg
Moderator: TBD
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