Government Contracts and Litigation

Government Contracts and Litigation Section Leadership

Julia M Carpenter
Section Co-Chair
Public Statement Designee
Jenner & Block
1099 New York Ave NW
Suite 900
Washington DC 20001-4412
Email: Email
Phone: 202-639-6000
Fax: 202-639-6066
1st term

Albert C Lambert
Section Co-Chair
1215 S. Clark Street
Suite 100-MC793C-G028
Arlington VA 22202
Email: Email
Phone: 703-414-6038
1st term

Bridget B Lipscomb
BOG Section Liaison
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Suite 8024S
Washington DC 20004
Email: Email
Phone: 202-616-9356
Fax: 202-616-5200

James J Gildea
Nominating Committee Chair
4101 Washington Avenue
Newport News VA 23607
Email: Email
Phone: 757-259-0608
Fax: 757-688-1408
1st term

Edward B Hanel
Financial Officer
US Pacific fleet
Counsel US Pacific Fleet
250 Makalapa Dr
Pearl Harbor HI 96860
Email: Email
Phone: 808-471-0708
Fax: 808-474-6791
2nd term

Nancy K Hapeman
Internet Coordinator
Membership Coordinator
441 4th Street NW Suite 700
Washington DC 20001
Email: Email
Phone: 202-724-4391
Fax: 202-727-3229
1st term

Nancy J Herman
Practice Manual Coordinator
Community Outreach Coordinator
3403 Macomb Street NW
Washington DC 20016
Email: Email
Phone: (202) 237-1139
1st term

David M Nadler
CLE Coordinator
Dickstein Shapiro LLP
1825 Eye St NW
Washington DC 20006-5403
Email: Email
Phone: 202-420-2281
Fax: 202-420-2201
1st term