About The Sections

With more than 24,000 members, the 20 sections of the D.C. Bar offer a wide selection of professional activities with more than 200 events annually. In addition, the sections publish handbooks, desk manuals, and primers about specific areas of law that would be useful to practitioners at all levels of experience. The 20 sections focus on a variety of practice areas, including environmental law, family law, real estate, litigation, intellectual property, health, and international law. For the seasoned practitioner or new attorney, sections provide a myriad of opportunities to advance an individual’s specialized interests and network with colleagues. Non–D.C. Bar members may subscribe to a section to learn more about a particular area of law. Subscribers and section members receive mailings, newsletters, e–mail announcements, and special discounts on eventspre-recorded programs and publications. Join online today and experience the benefits of a D.C. Bar section.

Leadership Opportunities

The D.C. Bar Sections Office offers members year-round volunteer opportunities that will boost leadership skills while engaging with fellow experts in your practice area(s). These include:

  • Planning programs;
  • Recruiting speakers, moderators, and panelists; and
  • Drafting publications and handouts.

These are just a few of the countless ways to work with the sections. If you would like to volunteer your legal expertise, time, and energy, your section's leaders want to hear from you. Whether you seek to contribute as a section program planner, speaker, writer, editor, or in another manner, please submit your name, e-mail address, and the name of the section(s) to which you belong.

The Sections Office will forward your information to your section's steering committee leaders.