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Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia
680 Rhode Island Ave., NE
Washington DC 20002
Contact: Jamie Rodriguez , Community Defender Division Chief
Phone: 202-824-2801
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The Community Defender Program provides through two programs: (1) Juvenile Services Program (JSP) represents children in the juvenile justice system who are confined in the District’s detention and post-commitment facilities. JSP advocates for children in these institutions on issues relating to their conditions of confinement and individual rights. JSP represents children in institutional disciplinary hearings and community status review hearings and works as a liaison between children and their attorneys of record, social workers, probation officers and other community-based service providers. (2) Prisoner & Reentry Legal Services (PRLS) program serves as the PDS’ liaison to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and D.C. Department of Corrections. In addition, PRLS provides legal assistance and representation to DC Code Offenders in a limited number of circumstances related to their conditions of confinement. The Prisoner & Reentry Legal Services program also assists clients in addressing the legal barriers that extend from their contact with the criminal justice system. Specifically, PRLS provides legal representation and referrals in the following areas: institutional disciplinary proceedings; sealing of criminal records; inaccuracy of criminal records; government employment security clearance denials; early termination of parole; mediation of parole and supervised release violations; parole release hearings and rehearings; sex offender registration and classification requirements; child support obligations (during incarceration); Fair Credit Report Act violations; and occupational licensing hearings. PRLS also strives to provide referrals to clients for critical support services needed to break the cycle of re-arrest, revocation, and re-incarceration for recently released persons.
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