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Law School Certification

I, (name of registrar/dean), of (name of law school), a law school approved by the American Bar Association on (date), certify thatentered this school as a student of law on (date), and continued as a student in the school until (date), having successfully completedsemester or term hours of study. During this period, the student/applicant took the courses prescribed for the degree reflected below; and on (date), having met the scholarship requirements, was awarded by the school the degree of. The student/applicant's recordDOES orDOES NOT indicate Honor Code violations or disciplinary matters; if it does reflect a matter which should be brought to the attention of the Committee on Admissions, please explain fully and provide appropriate documentation.

Today's date:

Registrar/dean's signature: __________________________________

This original, signed form must accompany the application. Photocopies and faxed copies of the signed form will not be accepted.