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Certificate of Good Standing FAQs

Q: Why are Certificates of Good Standing being processed by the DC Bar rather than the Committee on Admissions? 

A: We field many calls in DC Bar Membership asking about Certificates of Good Standing, and as the Committee on Admissions already uses our database for the information they utilize for the certificates, centralizing the process makes the most sense for members and staff alike.

Q: Why did the price increase from $5 to $25?

A: While the price may have increased $20, the process has become more streamlined to save members both time and money in the act of facilitating a request. With the conversion to an online application, members can now request a CGS without ever leaving their office or paying a courier. While the old process required sending multiple materials to the Court of Appeals, or making time for an in-person visit to the Courts, requests are now able to be made in less than 5 minutes on our website. By transitioning all Certificate requests online, the process becomes more secure, increases efficiency, and provides a more positive member experience. Prices for Certificates of Good Standing in other jurisdictions vary from $1 to $50, placing the D.C. Bar in the median for similar processes at mandatory bars across the country.

Q: Can I keep requesting my certificate in person?

A: Effective February 1st, walk-in requests will be accepted for Same-Day Service only at the D.C. Bar Headquarters at 901 4th Street NW, 3rd floor. Requests can be placed into a secure lockbox at 3rd floor reception before 11 a.m. on weekdays, with pickup beginning at 2 p.m. Firms may submit a maximum of 10 certificate requests per day. Note: The D.C. Bar’s office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Q: I didn’t hear anything about the change in processing time and location. Can I get my certificate by tomorrow?  

A: While we sympathize with members that may have missed the news of the transition, we have made several efforts to notify members and staff alike of this change via emails, the Bar Bulletin, the D.C. Bar website, the Committee on Admissions website, and multiple other channels of information. We are pleased to provide Same-Day Processing and Pick-Up for $75, and 1- Business Day Processing with Overnight Mail or Pick-Up to members for $50. Only Same-Day Processing orders are accepted by walk-in, and must also be picked up in-person. Please note: Firms may submit a maximum of 10 requests per day.

Q: Who should I contact if I applied for a Certificate of Good Standing prior to January 8th and have not yet received it?

A: All requests submitted in-person or postmarked on or before January 8th will be handled by the Committee on Admissions. If you have further questions about the status of your application, please contact the Committee on Admissions at (202) – 879 – 2710.

Q: Who is eligible to receive a Certificate of Good Standing?

A: Active, Inactive, and Judicial members of the Bar maintain good standing with the Bar and able to receive a certificate stating their status. If a member has retired, resigned, or been suspended, they are unable to receive a Certificate of Good Standing.

Q: How can I find out if I am in good standing?

A: You can utilize our Find a Member tool on the D.C. Bar website to view your standing with the Bar. Alternatively, you can log into your D.C. Bar member account and check your status on your account. If you require further assistance, you may call 202-626-3475 to reach D.C. Bar Member Services, and we will be happy to assist you any weekday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with the exception of the 1–2 p.m. lunch hour.

Q: I didn’t know about the price increase and I already mailed my request with a $5 check. Can I just send another check for $20?

A: Mailed requests are no longer accepted. Any mailed requests that are received will be returned.

Q: How do I get extra copies of my certificate?

A: Additional certificates will be processed for a fee of $5 for each copy. For online orders, these may be purchased as an additional item in the marketplace. If you require additional certificates after placing your initial order, please contact Member Services at (202)-626-3475 to place your order. Requests for additional copies will only be honored if your initial order has not been mailed. Once your original order is mailed, requests for additional copies will not be honored and you will be required to submit a new order at full price. 

Q: Who should I contact for a Disciplinary Certificate?

A: To obtain a letter regarding disciplinary history, please forward your request to:

Office of Bar Counsel
515 5th St. N.W.
Building A, Room 117
Washington, D.C. 20001

Q: What if I submit a request for a Certificate of Good Standing, and then want to change the processing time? Can I submit a second request and cancel the request I previously submitted? 

A: Due to the number of requests we receive, all additional requests will be treated as new requests. Each request will be processed separately and the applicable processing time will be applied. All Certificate of Good Standing orders are non-refundable.

Q: Who is eligible for a Next-Day Request? 

A: Members with mailing addresses within the contiguous United States are able to receive a Certificate of Good Standing via FedEx Priority Overnight delivery. Requests for shipping to US Territories or International Addresses will still be processed the next business day but mailed via standard mail. 

Q: I want my certificate mailed to a different address than my primary address on file. How do I change my shipping address?

A: If you would like your Certificate of Good Standing mailed to an alternate address, please call 202-626-3475 by noon the day after you place your order to make your request.

Q:  How will I know my certificate has been mailed? Can I get an estimated mailing time for my certificate?

A: You will receive two emails to your primary email address on file for your records: a receipt of your purchase, as well as a confirmation email once the certificate is mailed. All time frames provided on the website refer to processing time in the D.C. office; once mailed, we do not have the ability to track 1st class mail and provide mailing time estimates.

Q: I need to order Certificates of Good Standing for multiple attorneys. Is there a way to place one order for multiple members?

A: Certificates of Good Standing are only able to be purchased by logging into the Marketplace using a member account. For Same-Day Day Processing and Pick-Up, firms may submit a maximum of 10 orders per day.