Alternative Compliance

Attorneys in good standing may, in cases of extreme hardship only, request that the requirement that they complete the mandatory course on the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct and D.C. Practice be met by use of a media presentation provided by the D.C. Bar, instead of attending one of the regularly scheduled sessions of the course. However, the Bar's procedures contemplate that in-person attendance of the course is the preferred method of compliance.

An attorney seeking alternative compliance to the course must submit an original, signed request and must provide evidence that substantiates his or her claim of extreme hardship. Extreme hardship may include a severe, prolonged illness that makes physical attendance inordinately difficult, or such other cause as may be determined. Although travel requirements and work and personal schedules may pose an inconvenience for attorneys who do not reside in close proximity to the District of Columbia, extreme hardship shall not include absence from the District of Columbia except under extraordinary circumstances.

An individual requesting alternative compliance shall attest to and furnish such substantiation of his or her extreme hardship as the D.C. Bar may require. The determination of the D.C. Bar shall be final.

A request for alternative compliance shall be made in writing to D.C. Bar, ATTN: Mandatory Course Alternative Compliance, 1101 K Street, NW, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20005-4210.

For more information on alternative compliance, call 202-737-4700, extension 2020; for registration and other general information, call 202-626-1315.