Lunch With a Lawyer

Lunch With a Lawyer

Looking to connect with an experienced attorney in your practice area? Join the D.C. Bar Communities Office for Lunch With a Lawyer, a unique opportunity to spend an hour breaking bread with an advising attorney and a small group of interested lawyers to gain insight into your specialization.

Lunch With a Lawyer is open to all, from the new attorney to the veteran looking to switch expertise. Don't miss out on a chance to broaden your network and find the answers to career questions you've been wanting to ask.

Communities members can take advantage of their membership perks and attend Lunch With a Lawyer for free. Bar members and the public also are welcome to sign up for a luncheon program for a minimal fee.

Open Tables


Taxation Community


Law Practice Management Community


Estates, Trusts &Probate Law Community


Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Community


International Law Community


Arts, Entertainment, Media and Sports Law Community


Government Contracts and Litigation Community


Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Community


Health Law Community


Family Law Community


Intellectual Property Law Community

Lunch With a Lawyer takes place at the D.C. Bar, 1101 K Street NW.

For questions or more information about this program, email the Communities Office.

*The Communities Office does not guarantee an organized lunch for all practice areas. Interested parties should continue to check the Web site for any calendar updates and email the Communities Office for future lunch opportunities in their desired practice areas.