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Multimedia Element

The CommonSpot multimedia Element supports integration with Brightcove, YouTube, and local multimedia services.

Choose Video


When defining what video or video playlist to play in the video element, you first must choose the channel from which the video(s) will be served.

Dialog Definition:

When the user first enters this dialog only the Channel selection list is displayed

Display service icon next to channel name in drop down list

Upon selecting the channel, show the Video Type field and populate the appropriate options

Single Video

Single Playlist

Multiple Playlists

After choosing the Video Type, show

the label will either be ‘Single Video:’, ‘Playlist:’ or ‘Multiple Playlist:’

if Single Video OR Single Playlist:

‘Select...’ and ‘New...’ buttons

if Multiple Playlists


If Single Video

Choosing ‘Select...’ will open one the Find Video Dialog

Choosing ‘New...’ will open the New > Video dialog

If Single Playlist

Choosing ‘Select...’ will open one the Tools > Playlists dialog

Choosing ‘New...’ will open the Tools > Playlists > Add dialog

If Multiple Playlist

Choosing ‘Select...’ will open one the Tools > Playlists dialog

in this dialog show checkboxes to multi-select

User will click ‘Next’ Button

This will invoke the Choose Player dialog


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