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Find Records Filter Results

This dialog displays results from the criteria specified when you click Next or Preview in the Find Records – Filter. If you have chosen to render dynamic results. This dialog functions as a preview of your results. If you came from the Select Render Mode - Manual Ordering dialog, this dialog is used to select records that will be appended to your manual list.This dialog displays results from the criteria specified when you click Next in the Find Records - Filter to search for additional records or the current custom element.

With appropriate for Global Custom Elements, click the edit icon icon in the record’s row to display a dialog box for modifiying this record. Also with appropriate permissions you can permanently delete global custom element records by clicking the associated delete icon. Note for local custom elements these two icons and their associated functionality is not available.

When selecting records for manual ordering, simply select the records you want to display, then click Use Selected Records or highlight the desired record and click Use Highlighted. Click Close when you've completed your selections to return to the Manual Ordering dialog.

Remove individual items by clicking the associated delete icon . Optionally Select/Deselect All.

Sort Order gives you options for ordering using field criteria. Pick from the dropdown and choose ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A) order. Fields displayed in the Sort Order dropdown are defined in the Data Browser Properties dialog for the Element in the Site Administration - Manage Elements dialog.

Click Next displays the results of your selection.




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