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Element Layout Properties

The Element Layout Properties dialog contains options to control the rendering of the Custom Element. The dialog has two tabs: Results Output and Display Template.

Display Template Tab

The Display Template Tab lists the available Display Templates and with the proper permissions, the author can click the ghost test link “Add Display template” to define a new template. Further, if the author is also the owner of the Element, the pre-defined display templates can be modified or deleted by clicking the icon next to the template name.

Results Output Tab

The Results Output Tab has an option “Limit” the results rendered on the page. This is an effective method for displaying the top 5 or 10 results from the Custom Element filter.

In addition to limiting the results, the content contributor can also randomly display those results.

Once the data has been selected and a display template chosen, the Custom Element will render the data into the selected display template, displaying the results on the page as shown below.

Note: Selecting “Randomly display from results set” can have a negative impact on page performance, as this option forces this Element to be dynamic.


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