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Edit Rendering Criteria

Use the Edit Rendering Criteria dialog to view and edit the scheduling settings for Elements within a Container or Scheduled Element. To open this dialog, click the Element Tool icon for the Scheduled Element and select Criteria from the menu, as shown below.

After selecting Criteria, CommonSpot displays its Edit Rendering Criteria dialog.

CommonSpot uses the schedule settings represented in the Edit Rendering Criteria dialog to select which Element, if any, are rendered when the page is viewed by a user in Read mode. If the scheduling criteria for more than one Element is met, CommonSpot renders the first one in the list. Complex logic for determining which Element to render can created by using multiple scheduling entries for the contained Elements and carefully setting the order of the entries.

When you first open the Edit Rendering Criteria dialog, there will be a default entry for each contained Element. To edit the scheduling criteria for an Element, click the edit icon and select Edit scheduling properties to open the Schedule/Personalize Element dialog.

To add a new entry for an Element (that is, an additional set of scheduling criteria), click Add new Element from within the Define Elements to Schedule/Personalize or click the edit icon for an existing entry and select either Insert new entry above or Insert new entry below. This will open the Schedule/Personalize Element.

To change the order of the scheduling entries, click the edit icon for an existing entry and select one of the Move entry options.

To delete a scheduling entry, click the edit icon and select Delete entry.

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