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Dynamic Filter

This dialog displays when you select dynamic filtering from the Select Rendering Mode dialog for choosing which records for the current custom element are displayed

Use the Filter option to display all or a subset of the records. The filter option defaults to All Records. Click Subset of records to restrict resulting records based on fields contained within the Custom Element. You can build simple or complex criteria. Note, however, that the more complex the criteria, and the more records you have, the longer it will take to render this element if it cannot be cached.

This tool is similar to other advanced CommonSpot filter tools. Select from the field dropdowns and add a comparison operator.

Sort Order gives you options for ordering the results. Pick from the dropdown and choose ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A) order. Fields displayed in the Sort Order dropdown are defined in the Data Browser Properties dialog for the Element in the Site Administration - Manage Elements dialog.

Click Preview Records to see how the records you selected will render for this element.




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