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Custom Script Element

After selecting Custom Script from the Miscellaneous Elements section of the Element Gallery dialog, click “Click here to define the Custom Script Element” or click the Element Tool icon and select Edit to open the Custom Script Element dialog.

In this dialog, you select the ColdFusion module to render and choose a caching option for the Element. The module must already reside on your site or in the subsite's /customcf directory. Use Tools - File Upload from the CommonSpot top-level menu as described in the CommonSpot Contributor's Reference.

Note: When adding a ColdFusion module, the file name cannot include spaces.

There are two options for specifying a CFM module to be rendered.

The Parameters tab enables you to enter variable name-value pairs that CommonSpot passes to the ColdFusion module using the attributes scope. Enter one name-value pair per line. CommonSpot paces these values exactly as entered; if you include quotes around the values, the quotes are passed along with the value.

Click Save to save your settings and return to the page.

See also Using Custom Script Element.


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