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Page Margins, Colors and Background Properties

Note: This dialog is only available if styles are not in use for this page. PaperThin recommends using Style Sheets on all pages.

Use these options to set parameters for the look of the page when style sheets are not enabled .

The Margins section defines the page’s top and left margins. The Top margin is the number of pixels between the top of the Web page and the top of the screen. The Left margin is the number of pixels between the left edge of the Web page and the left edge of the screen.

The Colors section defines the various color properties of the page; background, text, hyperlink, visited hyperlink and active hyperlink. The Background color is the color used to fill the entire page area. The Text color is the default color for the page’s text, unless it is otherwise specifically specified. The Hyperlink color is the color of text links that have not been visited. The Visited Hyperlink color marks links that have been visited. The Active Hyperlink color designates the color of the link when it is clicked (activated).

For each of the color properties, colors can be either selected through the Color Palette dialog, accessed by clicking the down arrow, or by typing the appropriate color code into the adjacent Text Block.

Once you identify color choices, you can optionally choose a Background Image for the page. Click Select Image to open the Image Properties dialog for choosing from existing images at your site or to upload a new image to use as background for the page.


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