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Confirm Deactivate

Choose Actions – Deactivate Page to make a page unavailable for public or read-only viewing. You can also access this option by clicking the More Actions icon for a selected page in My Pages and other page reports, or view status and change state for the current page through the Page Details left pane option.  See Page Details.

The following prompt displays.

Clicking Yes displays the following.. 

Newly created pages are automatically inactive to ensures that work under design and development does not display within the  Choose, Find, or Page Index options in CommonSpot. While a page is inactive, any attempt to access the page displays a dialog indicating that the page is not active. View inactive pages through the Reminders section of My CommonSpot.

The Activate button displays for inactive pages for contributors with author rights..  Activate inactive pages at any time by clicking this button in the top right of the CommonSpot workspace.  

Pages automatically become active when published if Activate when Approved is checked.


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