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Ways to Make Content Static

Although difficult and time-consuming, one of the most important tasks is to review and possibly alter your base templates, custom ColdFusion Element modules, custom render handlers, and any other custom ColdFusion modules. The idea is to identify and fix those pieces of your site or template hierarchy that would cause (a) pages that should be static to be generated as dynamic and (b) code that may cause the Static Content Generation to break or to incorrectly render the desired results.

The following sub-steps outline this process.  In addition, CommonSpot has a tool to help identify dynamic elements: Loader.cfm?csmodule=utilities/debug-settings.

Note: Although this task is optional, before generating static content for the first time, your initial generation may be fruitless if Elements in your base template or in code cause the pages to be dynamic,. Depending on the size of your site, the initial generation may take a long time (for more information on performance, see Best Practices).


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