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Update Static Content

Access the Update Static Content dialog by expanding Static Content Generation in the Site Administration left pane. Use this report to monitor the background static content generation process or to force regeneration of specific sections of your site. For instance, if you make changes to a Render Handler in a particular area of your site, you can regenerate Static Content for that area without having to regenerate the entire site.

To regenerate static content for one or more subsites, click Deselect All, then check boxes for only those subsites you want to update. Only selected subsites are regenerated, not subsites and all child subsites. Note that if the background process is already running, all checkboxes are deselected when you open the dialog. Subsites with boxes checked will have static content rebuilt for all pages - otherwise, only pages already been flagged for updates will be built.

To view progress, leave the checkbox on the bottom checked and click Next. CommonSpot reports status for this process.

Once this process completes, click Close to exit the dialog.



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