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Toolbar Tab

In some situations you might want to restrict access to one or more Rich Text Editor tools. This is especially true when Cascading Style Sheets are used within the site, because you probably don't want contributors overriding the styles from the Cascading Style Sheets. The Toolbar tab allows you to set the visibility of each toolbar icon in the Rich Text Editor for the entire site. The 'Show by Default' and 'Hide by Default settings allow the administrator/ author to set the default button visibility at the page level.

Note: For custom elements the determination as to what icons are visible in the RTE toolbar is determined by looking first at the settings for the custom element field (Elements - Field Definitions - Formatted Text block Field - Other Properties - Rich Text Editor Setting), then the settings for the site ( Rich Text Editor - Toolbar Tab - On Pages without Style Sheets). Only those icons that are enabled in both places are displayed.


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