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Text Handling in CommonSpot

CommonSpot handles most text data as plain text, storing text in the database exactly as it is entered and escaping HTML for display on the page. Escaping allows for the proper output of content that includes HTML-like data. For example, without escaping, browsers suppress <characters> contained within tag delimiters as unknown HTML.

ComonSpot escapes:

A major exception to plain text handling is textblock data, which is treated as HTML to support formatting, links, images, etc. You can also enable HTML in simple text blocks. CommonSpot handles this data as HTML by default to accommodate the fact that controls for both simple and formatted text block elements can allow or disallow rich text editing at any time. Note that even when rich text editing is disabled, CommonSpot renders the text it contains on the page as live HTML.

Link bar item text is also handled as HTML.

All standard Custom Element fields are plain text, except formatted text block fields.

Note that sites using custom fields can control text handling separately for each type defined, for greater flexibility in presenting forms and fields to contributors and visitors.

See Add Field Type for the available options.


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