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Static Generation Status

Once you are ready to generate static content for the site click Start Static Generation in the Static Site Configuration dialog, to initially produce static content for your site.

This initiates the same process as selecting Update Static Content under the Static Content Generation in the Site Administration left panel.

When this process begins, you will see a status dialog that displays a real-time representation of the pages being processed. Note that the initial content generation process will require two passes through each file to properly generate the static content. The first pass renders each page to determine its state (static or dynamic) and the second pass appropriately updates all links.

You may notice that this process loops over files in the site, sometimes returning to update pages in a subsite already processed, after locating links to pages found in another subsite. This is expected behavior.

When this process finishes, all static pages are processed and an HTML file containing a rendering for each page is present in the Local Static Directory. For each dynamic page, CommonSpot generates a redirect file in the Local Static Directory.

Review this report for any issues and click Close once it completes, to exit.


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