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Shared Database Synchronize Custom Modules

In shared database configurations, this option is available at the site and subsite levels to synchronize custom modules (base templates, render handlers, style sheets, custom scripts, etc.) between this authoring server and selected target servers. To use this utility, each Read-Only Production server must be marked on-line in the authoring Server Administration. See Server - Shared Database and the CommonSpot Shared Database Configuration Guide for other configuration considerations and requirements.


Expand Shared Database in the left panel of the Site or Subsite Administration dashboard. Select the read-only production server(s) whose custom modules you want to sync and click Synchronize. CommonSpot synchronizes all files contained in custom code directories for the site or subsite and its descendants.

Click Cancel to exit without synchronizing.


Note: By default the Shared Database - Synchronize Custom Modules option processes content in CommonSpot directories and subsite directories only. You can specify additional directories for CommonSpot to search by creating a file named override-custom-sync.cfm in the root commonspot directory (/commonspot/). Within this file, enter the fully qualified paths to custom directories in a comma-separated list as shown below:


It is important that directory paths are delimited by commas only, not by space - comma or comma - new line character. In addition, the file must not contain comments. Also remember that ColdFusion must have read-write access to the directories specified.


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