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Review Page Indexes and Custom Element Indexes

Page Index Elements and Custom Elements configured to show a result set of Custom Element instances are also a place where certain settings can cause CommonSpot to treat the element as dynamic. This may be especially of interest if you are using Page Index elements or custom elements within your base template. For a complete list of the options that cause these elements to be dynamic, refer to Chapter 6 of this guide.

Before we leave this topic, however, there are a couple of things to note regarding the Page Index element and custom elements that render a result set of instances that will help in your understanding of how static content will be generated.

First, these elements can be treated as static. It is often misunderstood that the Page Index element is dynamically built on each request. This is not true. Unless certain options are specified in the filter properties, or the ‘Random’ setting is enabled, these elements can render static content. If, for example, you want to render a list of the last 10 news articles that have been published, this list can be built and will be valid until another news article is published. If you publish news articles once a month then the list will be static for a relatively long time versus publishing news articles every hour.

CommonSpot keeps track of each Page Index and Custom Element. Each time a page is published (either via creation, updating or deletion), CommonSpot will execute the filter criteria for each and every page index or custom element and will determine whether the recently published page will affect the list. If the page being published does affect the list, CommonSpot will delete the element level cache for the Page Index or Custom element and will mark the page holding that element as needing to be rebuilt for static.


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