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Review Custom ColdFusion Static Settings

It is very common for the Static flag in the Custom ColdFusion Script element to be set improperly. This causes the page to be seen as dynamic when it may have only static content, and also reduces caching performance even without static content generation.

In the Custom Script element dialog, you can specify the custom module that allows you to set whether the content generated by the module can be treated as static or dynamic.

If the content remains unchanged regardless of who the user is, what time of day it is, or any other dynamic variable, then leave the checkbox unchecked. Otherwise, check Static Content  to mark the module as generating static content. Note that just because a ‘dynamic’ ColdFusion module is called it does not mean that the content is always dynamic. A good example we have seen on many occasions is an installation developing a module to render part of their navigation. To conditionally display different submenus based on which subsite contains the page, they write a custom CF module that outputs a hard-coded list of submenus based on which subsite the page is in ( In this example the list of sub-menus is STATIC, not dynamic, if the list does not change unless the page is moved to another subsite, at which time the page is generated from the ground up without the cache, and the module is be called again.

Be sure to check all of your Custom ColdFusion Script elements and set this flag correctly.


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