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Required Dynamic Conditions

The following conditions make an Element’s state Required Dynamic. If the condition is corrected, the Element may become static.



If the page is not readable by 'anonymous', the page is forced to 'dynamic', regardless of the setting in the Static Settings dialog.

Publication/Expiration Date

If the page is before its publication date or has an expiration date, it's dynamic.

Other Dynamic Conditions

Use of the custom tag ‘invoke-dynamic-cfml.cfm’ in any ColdFusion module that executes as part of the page.

Use of the custom tag ‘invoke-dynamic-element.cfm’ without setting days, hours, minutes, or seconds.

Setting the variable Request.Element.IsStatic to 0 in a render handler or Custom ColdFusion element.

Setting Do_Not_Cache_Element to 1 in a render handler or Custom ColdFusion element.


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