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Remove Uses of invoke-dynamic-cfml

If your base template or any other ColdFusion module calls the invoke-dynamic-cfml tag, CommonSpot considers dynamic any page that derives from that template or any page that invokes that code, unless you manually force the page to static.

Evaluate the uses of this tag on a case-by-case basis and determine whether the functionality of running the code dynamically is “strong” enough to prevent the page from being generated as static.

At PaperThin we saw several examples of this when converting our site to static for the first time. We used to call the invoke-dynamic-cfml tag to render our top toolbar as part of our base template. The code invoked would determine whether the user was authenticated, and would display either a login or logout button. In our design, this toolbar was displayed on every page. By calling the invoke-dynamic-cfml tag, every page in the site would have to be dynamic, negating the ability to generate static. We have since removed the dynamic display of the login or logout buttons.


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