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Pages by Static Properties

Sites with Static Content Generation installed can access the Pages by Static Properties report from the Reports menu.

This report lists all of the pages contained within the specified subsite/child subsites, grouped according to the page’s static state. You should initially run this from the root subsite, for a complete view of your site.


This report groups pages by their current static content generation setting (see Static Content Generation States) and categorizes pages that cannot be made static with the primary reason they must be dynamic.

Use this report to identify those pages CommonSpot considers dynamic. Pages that are auto-detect dynamic are good candidates for further investigation. Why are they dynamic? Is anything that is inappropriately configured for dynamic page rendering? Pages listed under the different Required Dynamic settings have a more clearly identified cause for the Required Dynamic state.  Review these to make sure that pages are appropriately activated, have the proper security, and are not inappropriately expired.

The Status column displays the following:


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