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Page Formats

By default, CommonSpot generates Web pages with .cfm extensions. Use the Page Formats option to generate Web pages in other file formats and optionally assign security to their usage.

Integrating applications/modules built with other interpreted languages such as ASP, JSP, CGI, PERL, PHP or other server-side modules is available for both standard and Static Content Generation configurations.

Expand Content Creation in the left panel of the Site Administration Dashboard and click Page Formats to add or modify file format options for your site.

Note: To successfully register a new page extension, you must first configure your HTTP server to map the extension appropriately to the ColdFusion Application Server.

The Page Formats dialog displays any valid Web file formats already configured for your site.

Click the edit icon to update an existing file format record or click Add New Format to add a new file format to your environment.

The Add Page Format dialog displays.


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