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New Form Field

Use this dialog to create new custom field definitions. See Administrators Reference for a description of Standard Properties.

Fields that display for Other Properties are a function of the field type and selections made for that field type in Standard Properties.

The example above displays options available for the CommonSpot Extended URL field type,which controls the link types and window/tab display options for links generated through Custom Elements. Items selected here control link types and new window or tab display options for Insert LInk operations in the Custom Element Scope. See Insert Link in the Content Contributor's Reference.

The following additional property types can be displayed on the 'Other Properties' tab:

Field Level Security Tab

Use the Security tab to define the level of interaction users and groups have with this field and its data.

Check Use Explicit Security to control editing access to this field, then click the Edit Security Settings button to display the Field Security dialog for selectively assigning individual users or groups field-level permissions. Click the edit icon to change permissions through the Edit Field Security Permissions dialog.


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