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Manage Fonts

Use the Manage Fonts dialog to add, edit, or delete available fonts at your site and to optionally set a default font for your site. The site below currently uses a default font. Entries in the Default column are grayed out for sites with no default font set.

Access this dialog from the Site Administration dashboard by clicking Content Formatting - Fonts.

To add to the fonts available at your site, click AddNew Font.

To edit an existing font definition, click the edit icon.

Note: CommonSpot does not provide any facility for downloading fonts. Be aware that font rendering varies across browsers and platforms and browsers will substitute fonts not available on client machines.

To delete, click the associated delete icon. Deleting a font does not delete all occurrences of that font, it only removes the font from the list available for assignment. Fonts definitions currently in effect for Elements and other site content remain in effect even after you delete that definition from the Manage Fonts list.


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