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Generating Preliminary Static Content

Once you validate URLs, you’re ready to build the static site directory structure and copy over the initial set of static files. During this process you will see a CommonSpot message window stating that CommonSpot is copying preliminary content.

Please note that, depending on the size of your site, this step may take a considerable amount of time. (The PaperThin site takes roughly fifteen minutes to process.) Optionally click the Refresh Status button to view progress.At the end of the process, CommonSpot builds a complete directory structure (under the Local Static Directory path you specified) that mirrors the authoring server’s directory structure.

All non-.cfm or other ancillary files that either you or CommonSpot created are either copied over or generated appropriately. Ancillary files include all of the login.cfm, logout.cfm, and admin.cfm files found in each subsite (these are generated as redirect files to the dynamic server), as well as all of the style sheet (.css), JavaScript (.js), and image files found in the original subsite tree. 

You can resynchronize these files at any time by running the Update Auxiliary Files utility

Note: Once this step is complete, only the auxiliary files are copied, no static pages are yet generated for any of the pages in the site.


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