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General Settings

Use this option to establish global publishing and workflow standards for your site.

Allow Image Resize - When checked (default), authors can modify uploaded image sizes. When unchecked, authors cannot change the size of uploaded images. Note that this applies only to images managed through the Image Gallery, not to images accessed and modified throught the Rich Text Editor.

Enable Reject Approval Option - When checked (default), the Reject menu option displays in the approval view. Unchecking disables the Reject option (instead, use Refer Back).

Require Publication Comments - If this box is checked, authors must include comments when submitting content for publication. Use this option if it's important that all site changes are clearly documented. Defaults to unchecked.

Enable Usage Statistics - When checked (default), CommonSpot collects the number of times authenticated users access individual pages. This option does not collect statistics for anonymous user access. To view statistics, show left panel options at the page level and choose Page Tools - Quick Links - Usage Statistics to view usage for individual pages.

Email a Copy of Log Entries - When checked, emails the CommonSpot Webmaster for every entry to the errors.log file. Defaults to unchecked.


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