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Fix Dynamic Content

Once you have identified content that is inappropriately dynamic, you have three options: (a) leave the content dynamic, (b) fix the underlying issue or (c) force the page to static and optionally set up an event to regenerate it on a scheduled basis.

The option of fixing the issue may or may not be all that difficult. One way to determine which elements are dynamic is to turn ColdFusion debugging on for your IP address and render the page.  Look for ‘cpe-‘ in the list of modules executed.  For each dynamic element you will see a ‘cpe-‘ module for the corresponding element type. 

To “force” a page to static, open it in author mode, choose PropertiesCache/Static Settings and select Custom Settings for this Page from the Cache Dynamic Content dropdown.

Selecting this option, displays theKeep cache for field. Enter a value.

Once you have fixed-up an issue or forced a page to static, you can manually initiate static content regeneration, instead of waiting for the scheduled background process to run, by clicking the Update Static Content panel in the left pane of the Site Administration Dashboard.


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