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Data Field Insertion

CommonSpot provides a large number of system variables describing the current state of the page, subsite, user, and more. From the rich text editor, a content author can include run-time values into a rich text block. These fields will be evaluated at each page-load and display the appropriate value. To include a data field in a rich-text block, place the text cursor in the text block where you would like the data to be displayed, and click the Insert Field button as shown below.

A dialog will appear providing a hierarchal tree of variables that can be inserted. Clicking the name of the variable will insert the data placeholder into the rich-text block.

For some variable types, a formatting dialog will be presented, allowing the author to select a display format for the field. For more information on the creation of Custom Field Masks, refer to section Defining Field Render Masks.

Incidentally, this is the same process used for the creation of Custom Element Display Templates. In this case, you will see an additional 'branch' of variables for the Custom Element fields. For more information on this, see section Defining Display Templates.


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