Attention Nonprofits: Don't forget to file your biennial report by April 1!

By District of Columbia Bar

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April 1st is the deadline for nonprofits to file their Biennial Report, Form BRA-25, with the D.C. Government's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

Every nonprofit is required to file a biennial report the April 1st immediately following the year the organization was incorporated and every two years thereafter. Depending on the year in which your nonprofit was formed, you may have to file the form during even-numbered or odd-numbered years. If you don't know in which category your nonprofit falls, you can go to the DCRA website and check your organization's filing status.

You should also check to see if your nonprofit filed the biennial reports that were due in prior years, and whether it is in good standing with the D.C. Government.

A filing fee of $80 must accompany the BRA-25. You can file the form online by going to the DCRA website.

If a nonprofit does not file the form by April 1st, it will have to pay a late fee of $50. In addition, if a nonprofit does not file the form within five months of the April 1st due date, its corporate status will be revoked and it will no longer be authorized to do business in D.C. If that happens, the validity of the nonprofit's contracts, such as its lease, grant agreements and other agreements, could be questioned.

The good news is that a nonprofit whose corporate status has been revoked may file for reinstatement. In order to be reinstated, an organization must file all past due biennial reports with the accompanying filing and late fees, as well as Form GN-5, asking for reinstatement. There is an additional $80 fee for reinstatement.

For more information, including how to file online, go to the DCRA information page for corporate filings.

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