MLB Opening Day 2016: What will D.C. Bar baseball fans be doing?

By District of Columbia Bar

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Baseball’s Opening Day 2016 is upon us and the D.C. Bar is full of avid baseball fans. The minute you mention baseball, these attorneys light up and you can feel the excitement. It’s a day many put their work aside for one glorious day in the stadium.

Here’s what a few D.C. Bar members have to say about Major League Baseball Opening Day.


Brian Cashmere; Partner, Construction Practice Group at Williams Mullen

Cashmere has been to every Washington Nationals Opening Day except for one. That day 10 years ago, lives in infamy in the Cashmere family. “It was Easter Monday,” says Cashmere, clearly recalling the days leading up to Opening Day when his brother told him they had tickets. Then the morning of rolled around. “Yeah, I meant to get them. I forgot.” Each year, the story comes out as the Cashmere family, which now includes Brian’s wife, two sons, brother, and niece, prepare for the big day.

First stop is usually Ted’s Bulletin for burgers and shakes. About two hours before the game, they head to the ballpark so they can watch the Color Guard and hear the announcement of both teams coming out onto the fields. “I just love the excitement of Opening Day. I’ve been to some where you’re wearing a parking, even when you’re wearing a parka, it’s the sense that spring and summer are coming,” he says.

By the 6th or 7th inning, Cashmere makes his way to Ben’s Chili Bowl for a half smoke. “It’s a big event for me,” he says, laughing. “It’s all scribbled in red in my calendar.”

Bill Hall; Partner, Environmental Law Practice at Venable LLP

Hall doesn’t just sit in the stands when it comes to baseball. In 1995, 10 years before the Washington Nationals came to D.C., Hall chaired the D.C. Sports & Entertainment Commission Baseball Committee. He hoped to bring baseball back to the nation’s capital because he “wanted Washington kids to have their own home team to root for.” Among those kids includes his own, Spencer, who along with a friend, is joining Hall for Opening Day for the 8th year in a row. “Spencer and his friends have grown up in D.C. with their own team and a family tradition of Opening Day…even if it means missing some school,” says Hall.


Steve Ryan; Partner, Government Strategies Practice Group at McDermott Will & Emery LLP

For Ryan, Opening Day will begin in the office to get some work done before scurrying over to Washington Nationals stadium in the afternoon. Ryan is a true D.C. sports fan. He will spend the day rooting for the Nats and the evening cheering on the Washington Capitals, D.C.’s hockey team. “It’s all sports on that day! Not much billable time on the day,” he jokes.

As he does most years, Ryan watches the game with former chair of the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission Mark Tuohey (also a former Bar president), as well as his adult sons. They make sure to get to the stadium in time to hear the lineup. “Baseball is the national pastime,” he says. “It’s just a wonderful announcement of the season.”

Making things even sweeter for Ryan is that opening day always aligns with the NHL playoff season. “There’s a blessed period of time when you have both the Stanley Cup playoffs and baseball. That to me is the best time in sports.”

What are you doing for Opening Day? E-mail Thai Phi Le at and let us know about your plans. Many of you root for the Nats, but we’re equal opportunity baseball fans at the Bar!