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Volume: 30   No. 5

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On Leadership

Stan Proffitt

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David O'Boyle

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David O'Boyle and Jeffery Leon

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James Srodes and Ronald Goldfarb

Speaking of Ethics

Erika Stillabower

Bar Happenings

Jeffrey Leon


The Pro Bono Effect

Margaret Emery

From the President

Tim Webster


The Judge Is (Still) Not In

A shortage of judges at the D.C. Court of Appeals and the D.C. Superior Court has overburdened dockets, leading to a delay in justice, as David O'Boyle reports.

Policing the Police

Anna Stolley Persky examines how the recent spate of high-profile, officer-involved shootings is forcing some jurisdictions to revisit the way they monitor police interactions with citizens.

Finding the Law in the District of Columbia: An Excerpt

The 2015 Practice Manual, a must have resource for every D.C. practitioner, is now available. Washington Lawyer offers an excerpt of the guide's introductory chapter from a previous edition.