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Former Rules

Former Rules of Professional Conduct: Order

No. M-165-88

BEFORE: Rogers, Chief Judge, and Newman, Ferren, Belson, Terry, Steadman, Schwelb, and Farrell, Associate Judges.


On consideration of the petitions of the Board of Governors of the District of Columbia Bar dated November 19, 1986, March 13, 1987, September 11, 1987, and June 30, 1988, recommending adoption of Rules of Professional Conduct, and of the comments received in response to the order of this court filed September 1, 1988, it is, pursuant to a vote of the Board of Judges of this court on December 18, 1989,
     ORDERED that, effective January 1, 1991, the following Rules of Professional Conduct are hereby adopted and promulgated as the standards governing the practice of law in the District of Columbia in accordance with Rule X of the Rules Governing the Bar of the District of Columbia and in place of the Code of Professional Responsibility, which is Appendix A to the Rules Governing the Bar and which is rescinded as of the effective date of the rules adopted and promulgated by this order. It is
     FURTHER ORDERED that with respect to conduct occurring before January 1, 1991, the provisions of the Code of Professional Responsibility in effect on the date of the conduct in question are the governing rules of decision for this court, the Board on Professional Responsibility, its hearing committees, and the Bar Counsel. It is
     FURTHER ORDERED that Rule XI, § 19(d), of the Rules Governing the Bar of the District of Columbia is hereby amended to read in its entirety:
     (d) Related Pending Litigation. The processing of a disciplinary complaint shall not be deferred or abated because of substantial similarity to the material allegations of pending criminal, civil, or administrative proceedings, unless authorized by the Board or a Contact Member for good cause shown.

For the District of Columbia Court of Appeals
Filed March 1, 1990