Lawyer Assistance Program

Lawyer Assistance Program: Warning Signs of a Problem

A problem usually exists if you think you might have a problem. It’s a problem if it interferes with daily living.

  1. Have you failed to show up at the office because you “just weren’t feeling well”?
  2. Have you failed to appear in court for the same reason?
  3. Have you neglected to process mail promptly?
  4. Have you failed to keep appointments?
  5. Have you appeared in court not fully prepared?
  6. Have you borrowed, misused, or commingled clients’ trust funds?
  7. Have you gotten other attorneys to make court appearances on your behalf?
  8. Do you frequently blame your secretary for things that go wrong?
  9. Are your relationships with clients, staff, and friends deteriorating?
  10. Is your relationship with your spouse or children deteriorating?
  11. Have you missed deadlines for performance, filed motions late, or allowed the statute of limitations to run out?
  12. Is your behavior inappropriate at social or professional meetings where decorum is expected?
  13. Has your ambition or efficiency decreased?
  14. Are any of these occurrences increasing in their frequency?
  15. Are you overworked and yet don’t refuse extra assignments?
  16. Are you afraid to open the mail or answer the telephone?
  17. Are you working harder and getting less done?

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