Office of Bar Counsel Staff Directory

Office of Bar Counsel

515 Fifth Street NW
Building A, Suite 117
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-638-1501
Fax: 202-638-0862

Bar Counsel

Wallace E. “Gene” Shipp, Jr.

Deputy Bar Counsel

Elizabeth A. Herman

Senior Assistant Bar Counsel

Jennifer P. Lyman
Julia L. Porter

Assistant Bar Counsel

Joseph N. Bowman
Gayle Marie Brown Driver
Hamilton P. Fox, III
Catherine L. Kello
Rebecca A. Neal
Joseph C. Perry
William R. Ross
H. Clay Smith, III
Traci M. Tait

Senior Staff Attorney

Lawrence K. Bloom
Dolores Dorsainvil
Jelani C. Lowery
Mary-Helen Perry

Manager, Forensic Investigations

Charles M. Anderson

Forensic Investigator

Kevin O’Connell

Investigative Attorney

Caroll G. Donayre

Senior Law Clerk

Christine Chicherio
Hendrik deBoer

Law Clerk

Melanie Marland
Hassan Mukhlis
Molly Wilder

Manager, Case Management

Sheryl Cline

Case Manager

Carol Threlkeld

Executive Assistant

Helen I. Severson

Legal Secretary

Andrea de la Torre
Sarah N. Lee
Idrea T. Mayfield
Charisse C. Sewell
Angela C. Thornton


N. Ellen Healy

Facilities Specialist

David T. Turner

Senior Facilities Assistant

David S. Power

Document Assistant

Betty Barrett
Leonnetta Bynum
Danielle Collins

Office Manager

Christina M. Spears