D.C. Court of Appeals Announces Expanded Application of Rule 1.15 (a) (Safekeeping Property)

February 28, 2014

The Court announced the prospective application of Rule 1.15(a) (safekeeping property): "if a client in any future matter, with reasonable promptness, disputes an attorney's fee after the attorney has already withdrawn his fee from the client trust account, the attorney must place the disputed amount in a separate account in accordance with Rule 1.15(a). What is 'reasonable promptness' will be a case-specific inquiry. . . ." In re Martin, App. No. 11-BG-775, slip op. at 30 (D.C. Feb. 13, 2014).

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In re Martin, App. No. 11-BG-775 (D.C. Feb. 13, 2014)