Board on Professional Responsibility Staff Directory

The Executive Attorney for the Board exercises the authority delegated by the Board pursuant to Rule XI and serves at its pleasure. The Executive Attorney acts as the Board’s legal advisor and administers the Office of the Executive Attorney, which is responsible for assigning disciplinary cases to the Hearing Committees, maintaining records of disciplinary proceedings, and filing Board and Hearing Committee recommendations and case records with the Court. The Executive Attorney may also represent the Board before the Court in cases where Disciplinary Counsel disagrees with a report and recommendation of the Board. The Office of the Executive Attorney also assists the Board in the performance of its other duties, including rule–making, the preparation of the Board’s annual budget and technology initiatives, the development of training materials and programs, and the organization of the Board’s annual Disciplinary Conference.

Staff Contacts

Elizabeth J. Branda
Executive Attorney
James T. Phalen
Deputy Executive Attorney
Melanie Canter
Assistant Executive Attorney
Michelle D. Quarles
Senior Staff Attorney
Michael Adams
Staff Attorney
Karly Jordan
Case Manager
Meghan Borrazas

Case Manager

Alicia Conley

Office Manager

Pamela DuBost

Legal Secretary