Comments Requested on 23 Applicants for Superior Court Vacancy

September 1, 2016

Members of the bench, bar, and public are invited by the District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Commission to comment on the qualifications of 23 applicants for a vacancy on the D.C. Superior Court created by the anticipated retirement of Chief Judge Lee F. Satterfield.

The commission will submit the names of three applicants to President Obama for his consideration to nominate and appoint a judge. The applicants are:

Maria Claudia T.C. Amato
Errol Rajesh Arthur
Mark D. Back
Rainey R. Brandt
Julie R. Breslow
Catherine S. Bruno
Alan R. Burch
Eric S. Glover
Sharon E. Goodie
Emily A. Gunston
Paul B. Handy
Aminata F.N. Ipyana
Deborah J. Israel
Lee W. Jackson
Dorsey G. Jones II
Elbert L. Maxwell II
Carmen Guerricagoitia McLean
Leslie A. Meek
Lloyd Urban Nolan Jr.
S. Micah Salb
Denise O. Simpson
Sean C. Staples
Gary Thompson

Comments are due by Thursday, September 22. Comments may be submitted online, by email, or by mail to: District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Commission, 515 5th Street NW, Suite 235, Washington, DC 20001.

For more about the candidates and for further instructions on how to submit comments, visit the commission's website.