D.C. Courts Seeks Applicants for Superior Court Magistrate Judge Vacancy

June 5, 2014

The District of Columbia Courts is seeking candidates for an anticipated vacancy in the Office of the Magistrate Judges in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Applications are due by close of business July 11.

The new magistrate judge will be appointed to serve a four-year term, and will be assigned either to the Family Court or other divisions of the Superior Court depending on the needs of the court at the time the position is filled.

The duties of a magistrate judge assigned to the Family Court include conducting hearings, making findings, and entering interim and final orders or judgments in uncontested or contested proceedings within the jurisdiction of the Family Court and the Domestic Violence Unit of the Superior Court. Magistrate judges assigned to other divisions conduct preliminary proceedings in criminal cases (e.g., bond hearings, initial probation revocation hearings, and preliminary hearings) and preside over certain criminal and civil non-jury trials, excluding jury trials and trials of felony cases.

To qualify, applicants must be a member in good standing of the D.C. Bar; have been engaged in the active practice of law or on the faculty of a law school in the District, or employed as a lawyer by the U.S. or D.C. government, for five years immediately prior to nomination; a U.S. citizen and a bona fide resident of the District for at least 90 days before appointment, and must retain such residency during service as a magistrate judge; and be competent to perform the duties of the office and be of good moral character.

Family Court applicants must have at least three years of training or experience in family law practice as a lawyer or judicial officer. In addition, their residency requirements extend beyond the District—they can be a bona fide resident of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland, as well as of Arlington and Fairfax counties and the city of Alexandria in Virginia at least five years prior to appointment. However, the successful candidate must become a District resident within 90 days after appointment.

The Advisory Merit Selection Panel and the Committee on the Selection and Tenure of Magistrate Judges will review and recommend the best qualified applicants to Superior Court Chief Judge Lee F. Satterfield. Following the close of the application process, the chief judge will nominate and, with the approval of the majority of sitting judges of the court, appoint a new magistrate judge.

Application forms are available from the D.C. Courts Human Resources Division at 616 H Street NW, suite 606 or online. Candidates must submit 20 copies of the application, accompanied by a résumé, a signed and notarized statement certifying that the applicant has paid his or her taxes for the last five years, a signed and notarized Authorization to Release Information form, and a photograph (2 x 2 inches and showing a full front view of the face) to the Honorable Russell F. Canan, Chairperson, Committee on the Selection and Tenure of Magistrate Judges, H. Carl Moultrie I Courthouse, 500 Indiana Avenue NW, Chambers 3420, Washington, DC 20001.

Please note that only originals of the tax certifications and Authorization to Release Information are required.

For more information, call 202-879-0496 or visit the D.C. Courts Web site.