Litigation Section: Responding to Diverse Member Needs

By Jeffery Leon

June 10, 2016

On June 15 the D.C. Bar Litigation Section will be presented this year's Section of the Year award at the Celebration of Leadership for its impressive work serving the diverse needs of its more than 3,000 members. Here, section cochairs Katherine Yoder and Julia Jordan talk about the Litigation Section's wide range of activities and why collaboration was at the core of its achievements.

What achievements from the past year are you most proud of?

Yoder: The Litigation Section in general is very broad, and despite the fact the attorneys in our section don't necessarily all practice together, we've been able to come together and move forward with some great programs. This year we started a quarterly newsletter for our members, which [membership coordinator] Kevin Clark had a big role in starting. The newsletter provides timely updates to our members on developments in D.C.

Jordan: The heart of the Litigation Section lies in its committees. This year we created three new committees: Appellate, Consumer Finance, and Trial Practice. The formation of these committees has allowed us to provide an even broader range of activities of interest to our diverse membership, and we've received a great response to them.

How does it feel to win the award?

Jordan: From our participation in the Sections Council, Kate and I are aware of the tremendous work being done by the other sections of the D.C. Bar. For that reason, we are particularly honored to receive this recognition this year. Our achievement was very much the work of all our steering and our committee members.

Yoder: It's a group effort, and everyone banded together to achieve this honor.

Join us in honoring the D.C. Bar Litigation Section at our Celebration of Leadership on June 15. The Bar's annual awards will be held at the Mayflower Hotel at 7 p.m.