CLE Offers Refresher Course on Using Bluebook

By Tracy Schorn

November 17, 2017

D.C. Bar CLE's “Refresher Course on Using the Bluebook: Practice Tips” happens December 4

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” goes the famous saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson. But when it comes to legal citations, proper form matters. Improper citation can weaken your case, and make you look sloppy and unprofessional.

“Make sure your professional evaluations do not include critiques about your failure to use proper case citation,” says Crystal Deese, chair of Jackson & Campbell, P.C.’s health law practice group, who will be leading the CLE Program’s “Refresher Course on Using the Bluebook: Practice Tips” on December 4.

The course will review the basic Bluebook rules, including proper full and short citation form, use of parentheticals to describe cases, pinpoint citations, and the use and meanings of signals preceding case citations.

This class will focus on D.C., Maryland, and Virginia citations and proper abbreviations of courts in those jurisdictions. It includes a review of the Table of Abbreviations and the rules on which aspects of case names should, and should not, be abbreviated.

“If you did not work on a journal in law school, this class is a must for you to ensure you are using proper case citation,” says Deese. So brush up on your Bluebook and “make sure your style is right.”

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