Bar’s Board of Governors Approves 2014–2015 Budget

April 25, 2014

The D.C. Bar’s proposed 2014–2015 budget, as recommended by the Budget Committee, was approved by the Board of Governors at its April 8 meeting. 

The budget calls for an increase in members’ annual dues from $265 to $268 for active members, while dues for judicial and inactive members would remain at $130.

The expenditure budget for dues-funded activities is $25.6 million. Personnel expense makes up 61 percent of the budget; there is a 3 percent pool for staff salary adjustments. Four full-time positions are added to support new initiatives and operational improvements, with a focus on increased use of technology and future revenue generating capabilities. After funding of reserves, a net amount of $260,500 will remain available to be utilized as needed for future expenses or investments.

The overall budgeted deficit for nondues programs in fiscal year 2014–15 is $361,700, which includes a $254,700 deficit for the Pro Bono Program. Deficits will be covered through the use of nondues reserves and/or reduced expenditures.

Full budget details were published in the April 2014 issue of Washington Lawyer.