Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll Deadline Extended

January 27, 2014

Attorneys in the District of Columbia who performed 50 hours or more of pro bono work in 2013 are invited to be part of the Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll, an initiative of the D.C. Court of Appeals and D.C. Superior Court to honor pro bono service.

To be included in the 2013 honor roll, private and federal government practitioners must submit the required registration forms and apply online by February 15. The list will be posted on the D.C. Courts’ Web site, alongside a letter acknowledging the significance of the honor roll members’ contributions to the local community in increasing access to justice.

To register, attorneys must simply submit a declaration indicating that they have provided 50 hours or more of pro bono work or, to qualify for the higher recognition category, 100 hours or more of free legal service. Bulk applications may be submitted by office administrators. 

Supported by the D.C. Access to Justice Commission and the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program, the Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll was launched in 2011 to recognize the vital role that attorneys play in providing pro bono legal services to those who cannot afford counsel. It pays tribute to the thousands of D.C. Bar members and others practicing under D.C. Court of Appeals Rule 49 who provide desperately needed free legal services to those living in poverty, as well as to small, disadvantaged businesses and community-based nonprofits that are critical to the economic well-being of the District.