About the Bar


Washington Lawyer is the official publication of the District of Columbia Bar and is published 11 times a year. Washington Lawyer has a circulation of 102,000 with a readership of 120,000 every issue. 

The D.C. Bar is the second largest unified bar in the United States and grows by about 2,000 lawyers every year.

A readership survey of 1,300 attorneys who are D.C. Bar members was conducted by the nationally known research company Research USA, Inc. and completed in June 2013. Most results of the survey are projectable within a range of +/- 1.6 percent (with 95 percent confidence).

Results of that survey are as follows:


Personal Statistics
Male 59.4%
Married 70.9%
Average age 50.3
Average individual income $262,900
Average household income $371,400
Average net worth $2,171,700
Percent with a net worth of over $1 million 48%
Average years in practice 24.6

Home Ownership
Percentage of home ownership 83.8%
Average market value of home $886,500

Office Location
Law firms in D.C. metro area 2120
Average number of attorneys in firm 108
Office located in Washington 45.9%
Office located in Maryland 11.7%
Office located in Virginia 8.7%

Travel Habits
Plan to travel for business one or more times a year 80.8%
Average travel time in 12 month period 5.6%

Regular Readership (have read 3 of last 4 issues)
Washington Lawyer 54.1%
Wall Street Journal 35.1%
ABA Journal 36%


American Lawyer 9.6%
National Law Journal/Legal Times 14.9%
Washington Business Journal 5.5%

Type of Legal Practice
Law firm 33%
Government 19.5%
Solo 12.6%
Corporate 10.1%

Leading Areas of Specialization
Trial/Litigation 23.9%
Corporate Business 15.4%
Administrative 20.4%
Labor/employment 12.8%
General Practice 12.1%
International 9.0%

Authority to Purchase or Recommend
Have overall purchasing authority 50.3%
Office equipment 42.6%
Office supplies 42.1%
Banking/Finance 36.6%
Travel arrangements 32.7%
Litigation support services 24.2%
Office leasing 24.9%
Personal services 15.4%

Top Technology Needs of Firm in Next 12 Months
Online research 26.2%
General software upgrade 15.6%
High speed Internet 17.7%
Litigation support/discovery 11.3%
Time and billing 13.5%
Case management 14.0%

Consumer Habits
Plan to purchase/lease a new vehicle in next 12 months 23%
Average number of times at restaurant per month 7.3
Percent of readers using a private wealth manager 33.2%


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